David B. King, PhD

Sessional Instructor since 2012,
Psychology, University of British Columbia
Health Psychology (PSYC-314)
Personality Psychology (PSYC-305A)

Teaching Assistant & Fellow, 2008 to 2013,
Psychology, University of British Columbia

Teaching Assistant, 2006 to 2008,
Psychology, Trent University

Teaching Dossier:

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Teaching Principles: critical thinking, interactive learning, applied creativity, thoughts in writing/action, practical application, accessing 'the bigger picture'

My teaching experience at the university level has been diverse, as demonstrated by my current position as a sessional instructor and my seven years’ experience as a teaching assistant, an undergraduate seminar leader, and a guest lecturer in the field of psychology. I have conducted guest lectures in health psychology for the past 5 years and am currently a sessional instructor for third year undergraduate courses in health psychology (PSYC-314) and personality psychology (PSYC-305) at UBC. I have also worked as a teaching fellow for courses in research methods (PSYC-217) and gender psychology (PSYC-320). My experience as a teaching assistant has varied greatly, spanning courses in health, gender, abnormal, and social psychology. Much of this experience has involved the independent facilitation and management of course seminars and labs supplemental to course lectures. My Master’s degree in multivariate statistics also enabled me to work as a statistical consultant in the Department of Psychology at UBC. In all of my academic roles, my primary teaching goal is to stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop critical thinking in students.

See select lectures and invited talks...

Invited Talk: Stress Within, Stress Between:
New Insights into...Stress & Burnout

Lecture: Death & Dying: Finding Meaning
at the End of Life (PSYC-314)

Fight or Flight, or Frenzy? Navigating Health & Happiness in a Demanding World

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