The Spiritual Intelligence Self-Report Inventory (SISRI-24)
(King, 2008; King & DeCicco, 2009)

A self-report measure of spiritual intelligence has recently been developed and validated (with additional validation studies on-going). This tool provides a useful starting point for the measurement of spiritual intelligence. The long-term goal is the investigation and potential development of performance task measures of spiritual intelligence, as these would most directly assess the target construct.

The SISRI-24 (King, 2008; King & DeCicco, 2010)

To view the SISRI-24, its scoring instructions, and preliminary statistical properties, click on the link to the left. Preliminary analyses across two large studies have revealed excellent internal consistency and reliability. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses have supported the 4-factor model of spiritual intelligence on which the scale was based. Construct and criterion-related validity, as well as split-half and test-retest reliability, have also been supported in these studies.

The SISRI-24 is free for unlimited use by students, researchers, and practitioners, so long as the scale is referenced properly (see below) and not altered in any way, shape, or form without the author's permission. The author would appreciate a summary of any research using the SISRI-24.

Download the SISRI-24 here. For more information, e-mail David here.

For a discussion of spiritual intelligence measurement, read David's thesis on spiritual intelligence here.

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King, D. B. (2008). Rethinking claims of spiritual intelligence: A definition, model, & measure. Unpublished master's thesis, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.