Through the years I've learned the true value of a holistic approach to health. My personal experiences, combined with my formal training in health and spiritual psychology, have afforded me a unique perspective on what it means to be healthy. Self-awareness, spirituality, connecting with nature - these are things we all long for.

Whether in my research, teaching, or coaching, I've dedicated my life to helping others foster a sense of completeness and authenticity as they navigate this world. With a dedication to kindness and empathy, I can help you be the best version of yourself - so you can take your life to the next level. Take a look at my services, read more about my career as a psychologist here, and please feel free to email me for more information!

I offer a variety of individual and group consulting services aimed at improving holistic health and inspiring personal development across life domains, from one-on-one coaching to workshops and seminars. I apply my backgrounds in spiritual and health psychology to motivate people towards personal growth, balanced and complete health, and a more meaningful existence. I specialize in helping people find meaning in their lives, cope with loss, and better understand their place in this world.

As a health psychologist, I have a unique perspective on the word ‘health.’ It means much more to me than physical wellness; so much more than mere chemistry and biology.

Health includes wellness on the physical, psychological (mental and emotional), social, and spiritual levels. It also incorporates the health and well-being of the world around you, including your neighbourhood, your culture, and your natural environment.

Together, these various domains of health and wellness make up your holistic health. Not only are they interconnected in complex ways, but as one is affected, so are the others. My main goal is to assist you in building a strong sense of holistic health in your life.

My approach to health coaching and consulting is rooted in the existential and humanistic domains of psychology, focusing on meaning, purpose, and inner potential.

What is existential psychology?

Existential psychology is based on the premise that life is short, and so it is important to live authentically. This idea of ‘authentic living’ is at the heart of my definition of personal wellness. It means knowing who you are and living with greater self-awareness. It means taking responsibility for your life and your actions. It means living in a way that maximizes your potential as a human being in order to find true and authentic happiness.

When living authentically, it is also important to reflect on life’s biggest questions. Questions like, “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing?” can help you better understand your place in this world. To this end, it is not enough to simply become more aware of yourself. To find true happiness and peace in life, you must also foster a sense of meaning and purpose. You must wrestle with the questions and wade through the realities of your life. I can help you do so in a productive and healthy way.

What is humanistic psychology?

The goal of humanistic psychology is similar: to help you gain awareness of your inner potential. This is one of the main tenets of self-actualization, described by Maslow as the process of realizing your true potential. Whether coaching individually or in a group setting, this is a main focus of mine: to help individuals gain awareness of their strengths and potentials on all levels, from physical to emotional and spiritual. This in turn contributes to better holistic health.

When talking to clients, I adopt the humanistic principles of genuine acceptance, positive regard, and empathy. I approach meetings with kindness and understanding for the way things have been, all the while encouraging new perspectives and insights in a nonjudgmental and safe environment.

“Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well; and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a [person].” ~ James H. West