UBC Paramedic SCOPE Study - Summary Report Now Available

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The UBC SCOPE Study was a research project conducted at the University of British Columbia from March, 2011, to February, 2012, by the Centre for Health & Coping Studies in the Department of Psychology. This study was initiated by Dr. Anita DeLongis and Dr. David King as part of Davidís doctoral thesis in Health Psychology. Dr. Anita DeLongis served as the Principal Investigator for the study.

The SCOPE Study sought to explore relationships among variables such as stress, coping, and indicators of mental and physical well-being in paramedics, their work partners, and their spouses. In particular, this research aimed to analyze the unique stressors that paramedics encounter daily, the impact of this stress on important health-related outcomes, and how this population is able to cope with these stressors both on and off the job.

This summary report provides a very brief overview of the basic findings gathered from the UBC SCOPE Study. More complex findings, including relationships between variables, will be presented in subsequent publications. We remain dedicated to the ongoing dissemination of results from this project.

Please stay tuned for information regarding findings and summary
presentations of results (as they become available to us).

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